About Me

  The path we take makes us who we are!

I am a qualified Engineer, a Content Writer , Author, a Wife, a Mother, a Friend. I play lot of different roles in the continuum of my being. Libelle is the German word for dragonfly. My first encounter with writing was inspired by a dragonfly hence I owe these mystical beings deepest of my gratitude. With this blog, I aspire to kindle my passion for writing along with trying to inspire people around. This is my path of self-discovery, one page at a time!


The water in the streams

The land in the greens,

The sky around the earth

The air required for birth

The chaos in the ocean

The Universe in motion

I am all that is, all that was

all that will be, an effect with a cause.



I have resolved to write to the point when there would be nothing left to write about!

‘Nothing’ is the essence of Zen. It is the sacred center of the inward spiral that we all must reach-out within.

Sometimes it is not about the journey but the people you meet along the way. The lessons we learn together, the growth we experience together. We are all, effects of a cause, with a cause! Let’s pause for a while…


I am not the voice in my head that tells me who I am,  I am the one who sees that ~ Eckhart Tolle



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