The Most Expensive Gift

The Most Expensive Gift

Freedom is expensive

Freedom:  both so priceless and so expensive

What according to you is the most expensive gift?

If only it was that easy as they show in Google images when you type in the words freedom- A bird flying out of the cage or a balloon just veering away from a close-up shot of a hand.


Fragile Freedom

The concept of freedom is as fragile as handing over a glass shard to a toddler.

It could end up either ways resulting in an expected injury; either the kid would hurt herself right at the onset or could further break the glass fragment into tiny specks that would be even more difficult to get rid of, once they enter any part of her tender flesh.


Freedom has always been an expensive thing. History is fit testimony to the fact that freedom is rarely gained without sacrifice and self-denial.
Martin Luther King


We are living in the times when we believe in buying the most convenient form of gadgetry for our own blessed good.

To this day for instance, there have been more than 100 ingenious inventions of different types of slicers and dicers.

I buy one and then there is a better one that shows up on the home shopping network and I regret making an informed purchase in jiffy.


Although my device works just fine but it doesn’t have a spiralling function that the new one on the shelf has! Yes, my intestines work better when they receive spiralled threads of food. Who knew right!
Moving on to what we do for our kids! I’ve been to many households with small kids in the age brackets of 1-5 years and when I say this I speak for myself as well…these kids have truck-loads of toys! But the want for more never satiates!

Can we just pause here for a moment?


I’m sure almost everyone would agree with the next line I’m about to write. Our parents never had it easy.


Their parents in turn could only enjoy the fruits of manual labour, technology for them was only limited to airplanes and typewriters. Were they lacking anywhere in the HQ (happiness Quotient) department?
Everyone writes about the banes of technical progression. But that is something inevitable.


My great grandmother would bless the person who invented the blender, but if given a choice she would’ve preferred to use her hands to squeeze and squash her mint leaves in a pestle. No one can outdo the taste of handmade chutney!
So what exactly is it about, the technology? Or making educated choices?
Well, none! It is about Freedom!

Zen says talking about freedom makes it trivial because the very idea of freedom lies in the experience.

I understand it is a very subjective encounter. But the universal genetics of this word rings a similar connotation to everybody, well almost!


Freedom of Choice

Every living second presents itself with an array of choices we make based on a gamut of variables.


All these choices are tied with a fancy thread of freedom: that inner sense to go wild with our choices and not worry about the resulting consequences.
We can teach our kids the pros and cons of splurging, working hard to earn money the legit way, making educated choices and well-informed decisions in every arena of life.


But we never really touch down upon this most important crucial complex variable that needs a bit more dissection.
I’ve watched so many movies with a gore theme of people losing their lives for freedom. It feels so ironical though, people dying for a cause which they never get to taste first hand.


The Most Expensive Gift

This leads to yet another important aspect- The most expensive gift that an erstwhile human race has given to another is the gift of Freedom!
I’ve often heard people saying, olden times were better as things were much simpler. What made these things so simple as compared to now?

For what it’s worth, we have all the technology that is synonymous with convenience, comfort and cognizance which these people lacked in their times.

I probed it further and could find that the freedom of choice was much more limited or rather non-existent back then.
We might be freer than ever, more liberated and empowered than before but now is the time when we are most enslaved to everything that drives the current world.
Isn’t it strange, there were times when people fought for freedom and now is the time when people are fighting from freedom which has led to boredom and hollowness that has deeply stained our very basic moral fibre?

As psychologists have studied, the new-age medicine would be able to cure Cancer but not the boredom that average human faces in today’s world.



No matter what legacy you leave to your children, one thing we must teach all our kids to value and be grateful for is the gift of freedom which is the most expensive one to ever exist on this planet.


Freedom is when we have every justification to go wild but we don’t.

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