6 Sure Shot Ways To Catch A Liar

How to Catch a Liar

How to Tell if Someone is Lying

If only there were easier, sure shot ways to catch a liar like literally the pants getting on fire or the noses getting elongated like a Pinocchio! This world would be one impossible place to live in. Why? Because everyone lies and that’s how we’ve been surviving without eating each other alive!!

And guess what?

It has been researched that women are much better liars as compared to men and funny enough they seldom get caught. They can easily cook up complicated lies as compared to their male counterparts! Well this is mainly because of their mental conditioning since childhood to control any sudden animated reactions and practice poise at all costs whereas men are often caught due to their unguarded demeanours.

An Interesting fact…!
The Intimate Gaze ZoneThe Intimate Gaze Zone

When a man and a woman are interested in each other they both showcase what has been termed as “The Intimate Gaze Zone”[2]. Women have a wide peripheral vision due to which they can assess the male body from head to toe without getting caught. Well, men have a tunnel vision where they have to move their stare up or down several times and hence they get caught easily!

So it’s all about how we are genetically wired.

Coming back to how to know ways to catch a liar…

Hear no evil, see no evil, and say no evil!


Three Monkeys
Hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil

We were all taught these golden words as children right! This age old adage lays the firm foundation to spot a lying suspect in the act.

Who would’ve thought right?

Well, here are 6 sure shot and researched ways to catch a liar by body language experts and psychologists that too red-handed. Let’s dive right in..!


1.     Concealing the Mouth


Concealing the Mouth
Concealing the Mouth

Speak no evil! That’s exactly what this gesture indicates. It either indicates that the talking person is being secretive or is holding back on some valuable information.

The mouth is concealed either by using an entire hand or a finger. This is brain’s subconscious directive to suppress any fraudulent words coming out of the mouth.

If you are the speaker and the person listening to you exhibits this behaviour then they feel you are being dishonest. It’s a subtle sign of disagreement!

2.     The Pinocchio Effect


The Nose Rub
The Nose Rub

Considering the fact that the person in question isn’t suffering from cold, you are good to go!

Normally when a person lies, it might seem easier to manoeuvre the words but most of what happens inside the body gives the lie away! Scientists have researched that lying causes the blood pressure to spike which further causes the nose to swell and this leads to a slight nose itch.

Every time a person says something accompanied by a slight nose rub is suggestive of a fraud. These are cluster responses. Not as pronounced as Pinocchio’s nose, but even the slightest trickle or prickle on the nose is a clear indication of a potential liar. Given of course, their nose isn’t stung by a bee!


3.     The Eye Rub


The Eye Rub
The Eye Rub

This is a classic case of See no evil!

I’m going to tell a lie and don’t want to look in your eyes…!” This is exactly what an eye rub suggests. Here the brain subconsciously instructs the person to block seeing the deceit that he is about to toss at someone.

Most people generally tend to look away when telling a lie and that is another super indicator.


4.     The Ear Grab


The Ear Rub
Child Blocking the Ears

This is generally displayed by a listener in response to hearing something dishonest or yet another cock-and-bull-story. This is brain’s way of saying “Hear no Evil”!

For example I told my 5 year old that I have a flying car that can take me to the moon and back and his immediate response was “Noooo Way Ma!!” along with blocking his ears.

An ear grab is an adult way of saying “Ya Right, you wish!


5.     The Neck Tilt and Scratch


Neck Tilt and Scratch
Neck Tilt and Scratch

Contextually speaking, a neck tilt and scratch with the index finger is a way of demonstrating disagreement while the words are reciprocating otherwise.

Your boss might say “I understand you’re under a lot of pressure”, but right at that time a neck scratch is a strong indication that he doesn’t!


6.     The Time Lapse


The Time Lapse
The Time Lapse

For this one you don’t need to have slow motion cameras to record the subtle facial expressions of your subject like the body language experts do. This can be tested anywhere and with anyone!

What if I ask you “What is 4 times 2?” and without blinking your eyes you’ll say “Simple its 8!” But what if I ask you choose a number between 1 to 50. You’ll certainly blink your eyes a couple of times before replying “a-mm 20”!

This is the power of choice! It creates a time lapse between thoughts and verbal response.

Truth is absolute but lie is an illegitimate love-child of x number of escape routes with the current situation. It is always next to impossible to track its paternal origin!



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