Karma Yoga and The Art of Intention

mayi sarvaani karmaani sannyasyaadhyaatmachetasaa |
niraasheernirmamo bhootvaa yudhyasva vigatajvaraha || 30 ||

Therefore O! Arjuna, surrendering all your works unto me, with mind intent on me and without desire for gain and free from egoism and lethargy, fight!


Those of us who’ve had epiphanies before might know that in just one single twinkling there is a quantum shift in our perspectives. This isn’t a vacillation of mundane mood swings rather it is something internal and eternal. I too had one! And like all great minds have pontificated that one must always pay it forward, I too shall do the deed and follow the bliss of ‘Karma Yoga’!


Intention is powerful. Intention is the main crux of how this Universe operates


I was reading about this Peace Intention Experiment that was conducted to eradicate unrest from a war afflicted area called ‘Wanni’ in Northern Sri Lanka. A group of volunteers from around the world were asked to meditate and send their love and light to this particular place for 8 days and they found some astounding results! Now since no one was covering up this part of the earth in any news or media so it was deduced for a fact that the bundles of peace that were sent by unknown volunteers conceded in accruing peace and putting war to an end. As much as it is seems implausible to our avaricious minds, all the data that was collected proves that there is some truth in it . And what made all this possible is the power of self-less Intent!


In the Universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which Shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire Cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link

Carlos Castaneda


In Bhagwat Gita, the holy Hindu Scripture which has been accredited as the instruction manual of spiritual well-being, Lord Krishna explains to Arjun the bliss of action (Karma Yoga). “Indulge in perennial action without an iota of attachment to the fruits it bears”! We’ve all heard these well-known verses time and again and now I do believe like Buddha says “the day you’ll realize how perfect everything is, you’ll tilt you head back and laugh at the sky!” it is really that simple. When we say Yoga, the first thing that comes to our heads is some hermit wrapped in saffron performing an arduous asana. But literally speaking, ‘Yog’ in Sanskrit means ‘union’, so anything and everything that ferries us to the source of our existence is considered ‘Yog’. Unlike commercially marketed it is not just limited to performing those altered postures carried out for a physical well-being but it is that every little act of gallant love that a person indulges in for a holistic and collective well-being. Like the rivers travel miles before merging with their origin: the ocean; likewise ‘Yog’ is what unites us to our higher purpose.


A mind at peace, a mind centred and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the Universe

Wayne Dyer


Not everyone that starts a new business gets profited, not every new inkling hits the spot and not every new plot gets viral. There are failures, setbacks, obstacles; and one wonders what might have gone wrong? The simplest of the answers has been given in The Gita some 5000 years ago “We’re kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal”. This miscarriage of the embryonic ambition is due to the adulterated intent that one harbours at the onset of fulfilling a goal. A single speck of morbid thought unleashes a chain reaction of muddling and covering up. So more than the constructive action, we are constantly engaged in damage control and all that is left is remorse which is as detrimental as that preliminary thought. Our intentions have the insurmountable power to weave our imagination into a palpable reality. Good or bad, it is a personal journey that has personal repercussions.  So why not start with a clean slate?


The meaning of karma is in the intention. The intention behind the action is what matters


So before setting out on a journey to tangibilizing any aspiration, start with a pristine intent; an intent which is  for a larger good, which leads to a collective well-being, personal growth in terms of spiritual knowledge and not materialistic paybacks. This is the truest form of Karma Yoga, uniting with the higher self for the higher self! And as far as my epiphany is concerned, when Krishna says to Arjun “surrender all your works unto me, with your mind intent on me” he connoted that the power of intention holds its reign only when you replace the word power with purity…and that is what makes all the difference!


“The purity of intention”


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